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Never Miss another Moment with the Panasonic DVD Recorder

Never Miss another Moment with the Panasonic DVD Recorder

You know that mixed bags of feelings when you discover a new TV show that you just love straight away only to learn that it airs when the kids have to be put to bed? It just goes to show how hard it is to set aside the same block of time each night – things are always coming up; there are parent teacher nights, gymnastics showcases and grandparent visits to attend to.

It’s times like these you need a good DVD recorder. The age of cumbersome VHS tapes, rare Betamax players and read-only DVDs is long gone, so recording your favourite shows and movies is as easy as ever, in high-definition on a digital media recorder (DMR) at that.

The Panasonic DMR-XW390GLK DVD recorder, $469, allows for 500GB – around a whopping 341 hours – of shows to be recorded in HD then played back at your leisure. There are two built-in tuners so you can simultaneously record two programs from different channels (and even watch another show at the same time if life permits!) What’s more, the pause live TV function means you’ll never miss another play or plot twist due to child wailing for your attention from their bedroom again.

As well as recording, the Panasonic DMR-XW390 also plays DVDs. It has an up-conversion feature which upscales your standard definition DVDs to crisp and clean 1080p quality. Another great function is the multimedia connectivity which allows the DVD recorder to share content wirelessly across other DLNA-enabled devices. This means the DMR-XW390 can act a server which sends your recorded content to another DLNA device in your home, as long as it’s linked to your network. In reverse, recorded media playing on another DLNA device can be streamed directly to the DMR-XW390.

Grab a Panasonic DVD recorder between now and Saturday 31st August 2013 and receive a bonus magazine subscription of your choice! Head here for more info. That’s Betta!

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