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One Good Reason to Replace Your Vacuum

One Good Reason to Replace Your Vacuum

For anyone who’d rather do just about anything than vacuum their home, we understand how you feel. Heading to the cupboard to pull out the vacuum isn’t the most inspiring of all activities, we know. The thing is, vacuuming the house doesn’t have to be so bad! A lot of the frustrations of vacuuming come from using older models that don’t function as well as newer vacuums. In spite of this, we tend to hold off on replacing vacuums until it’s absolutely necessary, even with reduced performance.

Vacuum design has evolved over the years and Dyson has helped shape that evolution. Their latest, the DC37C is one of the models we found to make life a whole lot easier.


First up on the checklist is awkward movement. Rather than dragging the vacuum all over the place, it can be steered in any direction, with the Ball technology inside it. That means no more tugging on the hose, or picking up the barrel and repositioning it.

Less is not always more, either! Older vacuums tend to have simplistic brush heads, but newer models have more sophisticated, fully-featured attachments, that actively dislodge and pick up dirt from every surface. This means no more going over the same spot twice!

Lastly, there’s the bagless technology, which has come quite a way since it was first introduced years, ago. Improvements to bagless vacuums mean there’s no suction loss, and they can be emptied without touching the dirt inside.

It all adds to up one very good reason to update your vacuum: it makes cleaning so much easier!


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