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Organize your Laundry with these Handy Tips

Organize your Laundry with these Handy Tips

Let’s face it – nobody *loves* doing the laundry. In fact, we’d probably be super happy to have someone doing it for us. But unless we win the lottery that will stay a lifelong dream. The Betta team looked at how to make this rather mundane task just a little bit more fun and we came up with the following handy tips to keep your laundry organised. An organised laundry room that operates on a system will save you heaps of time to spend with the kids or catching up on The Block.

Everything has its place

Designate a place for every little thing that you use during your laundry routine. That doesn’t only include washing baskets and a shelf for the soap but also a little box for lost socks, a piggy bank for change found in pockets and a bin for the dryer lint or those pesky paper tissues that always hide in the last pocket you check (hopefully before putting the trousers in the washing machine).


Have a built in clothes line

Not keen on having the rest of your house cluttered up with clothes lines or drying horses? We found this rather genius idea of building a retractable clothes line in one of your cupboards in the laundry room. This way, you can hang up smaller items (like socks and underwear) right there and then and don’t have to display them for all neighbours to see in your garden.

Pre-sort everything to save time

Earlier, we talked about how an organised laundry room can save you lots of time. This one is by far the most time saving tip we personally try to stick to: Have a designated hamper for different washing temperatures. That means at least 4 baskets – one for whites, one for blacks, one for colours and one for delicates.

If you have a bigger household to run, this system can be adjusted to have one basket for each member of the family, so the kids know exactly where to put their dirty clothes and your husband doesn’t feel like he has to stuff his worn socks down the sides of his sofa…