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Overhaul Your Laundry with a Samsung WF8750LSW1 Front Load Washer

Overhaul Your Laundry with a Samsung WF8750LSW1 Front Load Washer

One of the most popular yearly resolutions people make at the start of January is the pledge to curb their spending and save more money. Often, this is easier said than done though, especially with the strong temptation of Boxing Day and end of year sales. To help keep this resolution, we’ve got an idea that makes use of those end of year bargains, and has far-reaching money-saving benefits, as well as making life easier.

Certain appliances, like white goods, are really only purchased when they need to replace their broken counterparts in the home. However, we’ll often persist with older appliances that are on their way out before buckling and making the upgrade. A pre-emptive replacement of an older item, like a washing machine, can have tremendous benefits in the home.

Samsung WF8750LSW1 Front Load Washer

Older washing machines are, across the board, less energy and water efficient than new models developed recently. Replacing them can mean a lower draw on water and electricity, reducing future bills. The Samsung WF8750LSW1 Washer Front Load 7.5Kg is an excellent washing machine with a 4.5 star water efficiency rating. Front loaders are known for their water efficiency, so older models likely would not match that level, top loaders especially. On the energy efficiency front, it earned an A+ energy efficiency rating, meaning it gobbles up much less electricity when stacked up against other appliances.

When it comes to money saving, obviously the immediate benefit of upgrading an appliance to something like Samsung Washer is that its discounted from its regular price, in one of the year’s biggest sales. That means you can buy on your terms, rather than accepting a higher price when the machine needed right away, down the track.

So now you know, it’s time to get into the laundry and cast an eye over your machine, and its water and energy efficiency labels. Also consider if it’s required service recently, and how frequently maintenance has been required over its life. The Samsung washer is one of the stars of our End of year Sale, so if you’re ready to make the switch to greater efficiency and savings, check it out!

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