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Perfect Cake Pops: Easy As With The Sunbeam Cake Pop Maker

Perfect Cake Pops: Easy As With The Sunbeam Cake Pop Maker

There’s a new treat making headlines on the playground and in the sandpit. They’re called cake pops and, for the unacquainted, a cake pop is a colourful, round, bite-sized cake on a stick iced to perfection and covered in your favourite topping. One mouthful will send you to perfect-blend-of-icing-and-cake heaven. To put it mildly, cake pops are the dessert phenomenon of the decade. Come birthday parties and holiday gatherings, you shouldn’t be surprised to see cake pops being treated like treasure in some homes.

Not only are cake pop combinations limitless, they’re also easy to make. First, you’ll need a cake pop maker that is affordable, quick to heat up (less than 5 minutes!), gives you perfectly-cooked cake (not too dry, not too moist) and easy to clean. This is where the Sunbeam Cake Pop Maker comes in. It can make up to six cake pops at a time so, whether you’re after a sneaky, spontaneous treat or have a family get-together to tackle, you’re covered no matter the occasion. The best thing about the Sunbeam Cake Pop Maker? It’ll take you from batter to ready-to-ice cake pops in 8 minutes.

The trick to making cake pops is paying attention to the finer details, they make all the difference. When it comes to the batter, for example, do you prefer a brownie-like consistency or do you dream of the airy softness of a sponge cake? Have some fun trying out both types and sampling them with your family.

Next you’ll want to think about what colours to use. An interesting way to really make your cake pops pop is to have the cake mixture one colour and the icing and toppings another. Flick through some home décor magazines and websites for colour inspiration or surprise your kids by using their favourite colours for the batter.

When it comes to cake pops, some are created more equal than others. It’s worth that little bit of extra time and attention making sure your cake pieces are as evenly round as possible. Unlike with cupcakes where it’s wise to not fill the liners all the way to the top with batter, perfectly-shaped cake pops can be achieved by simply filling the bottom tray of the cake pop maker all the way to the top!

With so much variety – from baking to frosting to taste-testing – there’s a lot of family fun to be had mastering the art of making cake pops; it’d be silly to not welcome the Sunbeam Cake Pop Maker into your brood.

The Sunbeam Cake Pop Maker, $34.95, is available from Betta Home Living online or in-store. Click here to find your nearest store and to enquire about product availability.