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Planning a Betta Holiday Party

Planning a Betta Holiday Party

Break out the tinsel and hang those stockings with care – the holiday season is upon us! If you’re planning a party for this, the most wonderful time of the year, we’ve got a couple of tips and pointers to help you enjoy more, and stress less!


The “season of giving” has a tendency to leave us at our wit’s end where sorting out gifts for friends is concerned. With that in mind, consider making some small gifts to give out to your guests. In a time of year that can get expensive, it’s a really nice way to stay-cost effective, and be thoughtful.

Small homemade gifts are all about playing to your strengths, and creating what comes naturally to you. For a whiz in the kitchen, the best options are sweets, like cookies, brownies and fruit cake. Just remember to label them with date they were made, so they can be eaten while fresh.

If you’re more-craft minded, consider making ornaments for your guests’ trees! Wrapping doesn’t have to be a pain either – for the finishing touch, pop into your local bargain store and pick up a range of small gift boxes and bags!


When planning your menu, aim for a mix of food that can be made ahead, or at least in part. If it can be frozen, that’s even better! For whatever you’re preparing though, you’ll want to have the right tools on your side to save time. With this in mind, a food processor is an absolute life-saver! For all that chopping, grating and slicing, a food processor can make a huge difference.

Speaking of the menu, be sure to use plenty of seasonal summer fruit and veg which will not only be cheaper, but will be at its peak. Think avocados for guacamole and cherries, plums, peaches mangoes and nectarines for a big serve of stone fruit.


It might seem like a small point, but make sure you don’t forget the music! Even the Grinchiest of guests can’t possibly resist the infectious joy of a great Christmas playlist. Plus, it really makes the atmosphere.

If you’re playing music from your phone, do yourself a favour and use a Bluetooth-enabled speaker. That way, it won’t need to be tethered to the stereo all through the party.

And lastly…

Don’t forget to hang the mistletoe!