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Planning a Great Kids Party

Planning a Great Kids Party

Got a little one’s birthday coming up? Parties aren’t just a ton of fun for everyone involved – they also make long-lasting memories and help kids develop closer friendships. Planning a party, however, is no easy feat, so we’ve put together some of our favourite tips for getting the most out of a celebration.

Choosing a Theme

What’s your child passionate about? Cowboys? Fairies?  Whatever it is, themes can be an expression of the birthday boy/girl’s favourite things and make a party truly memorable. They’re fun to decorate too! Everything, from the invitation to the cake can fit with a theme – you could even encourage dress-ups!

Date & Invitation

Choosing the right date is important! If your party date is during school holidays, many families may be away. If you can, pick a weekend date during the school term and send out your invitations early to ensure all your guests can make it to the party.


Finger foods are the way to go; you can serve them through the party without interrupting the fun and games. Make sure to check with all the parents beforehand if their children have any food allergies or intolerances.

Homemade sausage rolls are a party classic, and they’re very easy to put together. All you need is some sausage mince from the butcher (around 1 kilo), some tasty cheese and some sheets of frozen puff pastry. Mix the cheese through the mince in a bowl and roll it into sausage lengths and wrap in pastry. Cut the rolls into kid-sized pieces and you can freeze them days in advance. Just bake at 200⁰C until golden brown and serve!

During the party, try setting up a Shake Bar with a milkshake maker. Kids can choose their flavour and have a custom shake all their own creation!

Kambrook Milkshake Maker


Keep the kids occupied with a mix of planned games and some time to just run around and play. Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs never go out of style, and a Piñata is great fun for everyone.

Lolly Bag

No one ever forgets to grab a lolly bag! Add mixed lollies to your bag and top off with a cake pop as a special treat. They’re easy to bake in around 10 minutes with a cake pop maker, and you could even include cake pop making as one of the activities during the party, letting the kids pick and mix their own icing and toppings.

Sunbeam Cake Pop Maker

That’s Betta!

Do you have any secrets for a great kid’s party? Let us know below!

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(image via  Toca Boca).