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Rent It with Betta

At Betta we understand that when you need new appliances or furniture doesn’t necessarily match up with your cash flow.

Betta Rent It

With ‘Betta Rent It’, you can go home with what you need, and keep your cash. We’ve partnered with rental finance provider inRent to give our customers this flexibility, whether they’re living somewhere temporarily, are always on the go, want to try a new appliance, or would simply prefer to spend their cash on something else.

How renting with Betta works

You can rent a wide range of products, as long as the minimum value is $250. We like to make things as straightforward as possible, so there are no application fees and no ongoing fees; all we require is the first month’s payment when you sign up.

While you can choose to rent for 1 – 5 years on most products, inRent recommend renting for no longer than 42 months (3.5 years).

When your rental period ends, you can:

  1. Upgrade,
  2. Return the product with no obligations, or
  3. Apply to buy the item

Some of the items you can rent:

How to apply

Applications can be made in-store or through this online form. Make sure to have a valid form of ID on you!

Find out more about Betta Rent It or visit your nearest store.