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Revamp Your Living Room and Bring it to Life

Revamp Your Living Room and Bring it to Life

The living room is an important location in most homes because it has to accommodate a variety of activities: lounging on the couch watching re-runs of True Blood, cocktail parties with guests and canapés floating around, games of Twister, housing out-of-town visitors, and so on. This means that a living room should be arranged with flexibility and adaptability in mind.

A key consideration for achieving a living room arrangement where people will really feel comfortable is seating placement. Aim for at least two – but ideally three or four – seating options (one or two of each couches and armchairs, for example) and place these close together around a coffee table to create a cosy, communal vibe. Make sure the space between the coffee table and its opposing wall is wide enough for people to easily walk through – you want to avoid making people walk between that awkward space between a couch and a coffee table!  The same goes for a rug – place it so that you either walk over it or not on it at all. When it comes to picking a coffee table, there is a wide range to choose from, from minimalistic styles like this high-gloss white one, all the way to chocolate timber designs, perfect for warmer palettes. Keep in mind that – above anything else – a coffee table has a functional purpose i.e. people will put their drinks, plates, etc. on it, no matter how many times you ask them politely not to! So, do choose a coffee table that you like but not one that you’ll be fretting over every time you have guests over. For couch options, don’t be put-off by the idea of sofa beds: they are great for living rooms because of their versatility (hello surprise couchsurfing guests!) and these days you can find a range of chic suede and leather styles in neutral tones that’ll easily match your existing furniture.

More often than not the focal point of your living room will be a television. This is fine and normal but it’s also a nice idea to add some decorative touches like artwork and accessories to make the room more interesting and lively. Another great way to bring the room to life is with pot plants – the trick here is keeping them alive!

Finally, soften up the room by adding a few highlights and pops of colour with cushions like this pretty, embroidered floral one and a bright throw rug, all by Kas Australia.

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