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How Smart Appliances are Shaping Our Lives

How Smart Appliances are Shaping Our Lives

You can ask your smartphone for advice and directions, get your fridge to place grocery shopping orders for you and spit out recipes, and robotics are doing the vacuuming for you.

While we are very much living in a modern world, smart appliances are yet to really make an impact in the average Australian household. But we think that’s all going to change in just a few years. Let’s take a look at what’s in the market currently, and what the future holds.

Peace of mind

When you leave your house, you probably sometimes worry about not having turned off the stove, the lights or the TV. This is one area of your life that smart devices and appliances are designed to make worry-free, by allowing you to monitor and control them through your smartphone.

This can also work the other way i.e. allowing you to turn on devices remotely so they’re ready when you get home, e.g. the dryer can have your washing dry, the dishwasher can have your dishes clean, and the oven can be preheated.

Convenient control

The worst time to realise you’re out of something is exactly when you need it. How often have you told your partner to get the margarine out of the fridge only to hear “I can’t find it, we don’t have any left”? Well now that your fridge can speak, you’ll never misplace a thing again. I am sure your significant other half will turn the fridge upside-down to find the margarine for you.

And it doesn’t stop there. Who hasn’t been aimlessly wandering the isles at the supermarket wondering if you still had milk at home? Is it still good or has it gone off? Smart fridges can hold your entire food inventory and know what’s in your fridge, how much of it is left in the package and when it’ll go off – so you’ll never have to write a shopping list again. Better yet, smart fridges can even automate online food ordering, helping you avoid that weekend shopping trip as well.

Smart little helpers

Your fridge will soon help you eat healthier and you’ll probably be able to program it to be your diet coach. Imaging it locking the doors, after 8pm, to prevent you from eating that tub of ice cream in front of the TV at night.

Your smart oven will make sure your dishes are cooked to perfection. You’ll never burn your Christmas turkey again!


The smart home of the future

There already are smart systems to regulate the temperature in your house, or to coordinate music between different rooms, and the smart fridge is very much on our doorstep.

The future could see the same happening with anything else that stores your belongings, like wardrobes, so you’ll never search for that missing sock again.

The smart home will also know if you left a door or window open, so you can rest assured when leaving for a holiday that everything is locked up tight.