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Smart Laundry Tips

Smart Laundry Tips

Show the laundry who’s boss with some clever tips and workarounds.

  1. To Dry Clean Or Not To Dry Clean?

Not everything that has the words ‘Dry Clean’ on it needs to be taken to a professional dry cleaner. If a garment tag simply states ‘Dry Clean’, that means it is the recommended method, but you can get away with hand washing the item or putting it into the washing machine on a hand wash or delicate setting. However, if you see ‘Dry Clean Only’ then you should probably do just that!

  1. Buttons, Hooks and Zippers

Loose fastenings can snag on other materials in the wash, so make sure to do up any buttons, hooks and zippers on all clothing and bedding before throwing them into the machine.

drying laundry

3. Wash the Washer

Regularly cleaning out the gunk that builds up in the washing machine will keep it working efficiently for longer. To do this, run an empty load on the hottest, longest cycle with 1 cup of vinegar. You can also clean the dishwasher this way!

The washing machine’s detergent dispenser drawer also needs cleaning. Simply take the drawer out and rinse it. And leave it open after each cycle so any residual water can dry out.

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    4. Never Lose A Sock Again

Hang up a mesh bag in each family member’s bedroom and tell each person that their dirty socks should go straight from their feet into their own bag. When someone’s bag is full, they need to zip it up and add it to the laundry pile to be washed with a normal load. This way sock pairs are guaranteed to come out of the wash together!Odd Socks

    5. Stains Be Gone

An old trick for removing stains is to rub a little dishwashing liquid into the spot and then soak the garment in cold water before washing.

To get rid of a grease mark, place a brown paper bag or some butcher’s paper on either side of the garment and iron over the area on low heat. The paper should absorb the oil.

6. Keep Knits In Shape

If you prefer to hang your jumpers and cardigans, do so in a way that prevents your knits from being pulled out of shape by their own weight. A better way to hang knitwear is to fold it over a hanger so that its weight is distributed evenly. (image via Joshua Davis/


7. Denim care

This one is super simple: wash jeans inside out! And, unless they’re very dirty, wash jeans with cold water and minimal or low-heat drying. This will help reduce wear and colour fading.

8. Take Notes

Short of keeping a diary on your laundry, it’s easy to forget small yet important details about all the different items you put through the washing machine e.g. that wool sweater that’s not supposed to go anywhere near the dryer. Get around this by using an erasable whiteboard marker to make little reminder notes to yourself on your washing machine and/or dryer. (via


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