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Smart TVs Explained with the TCL L50E3020FS 50″ LED HD Smart TV

Smart TVs Explained with the TCL L50E3020FS 50″ LED HD Smart TV

In the rush of Boxing Day sales this year, it’s a sure bet that plenty of people will be reaching for a range of super cheap smart gadgets – TCL TVs are on top of the list. “Smart” is a term that’s used to describe a lot of different items lately, and sometimes the reason why might not be immediately clear. With phones and tablets, it’s easy to understand – they’re devices with apps that make them multi-functional. With a TV though, the meaning isn’t as clear.

A Smart TV, like the 50” TCL LED Smart TV (L50E3020FS), is everything you’d expect a modern television to be. Its screen is wide and picture is crisp, with full HD display. Colours pop beautifully and the design is slim. What makes it “smart” is its Wi-Fi capability. Internet connectivity in televisions has already shaken up how we watch and it’s set to keep doing so.

A Smart TV comes preloaded with apps and has the ability to download more, much the same way a smartphone works. The most important of these apps are those that can stream Video on Demand, meaning you can stream what you want to watch from different providers like the ABC or SBS. That means no more flicking around on nights when the TV guide is a little sparse – there’s always something to watch

TCL L50E3020FS LED HD Smart TV

Other apps on the TV offer plenty of information at your fingertips. Widgets for weather and social media, as well as internet browsing make the TV super functional and fun to use.
Skype integration lets you make and receive video calls on the TV, making long distance friends and family life size on the big screen! For video calling, all you need to add is a webcam, which connects via the TV’s USB port.

Lastly, YouTube integrations means that when you want to share a video with friends and family, there’s no awkward huddling around the phone or laptop – playing it on the huge 50” screen is a cinch.
Smart TVs are definitely the next big thing in home entertainment. Luckily, online boxing day sales bring with them a slew of great TV deals. Check out our 48 hour sale for Betta’s amazing deal on the TCL 50” Smart Tv!

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