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Smart Ways to Shop

Smart Ways to Shop

by Adrian Mitchell

Online Reviews

When it comes to large purchases, whether it’s an appliance or a piece of furniture, it’s always good to do your research.  Whatever the item you’re after, there are usually plenty of reviews online, where previous purchasers report on their own shopping experiences and their time with the product.

One of the most important parts of looking at reviews online, but not quite the easiest, is working out whose reviews to trust. Most reviewers are regular people who simply want to share their own experiences, but there are some who post on behalf of brands to skew ratings. To discern this, look for overly-positive reviews. Most reviewers will normally present a balance of good and bad!

Another thing to look for on these sites is brand responses. Many brands will actually have their customer service team reply to people with concerns expressed in reviews. This is good for their brand, but it also shows potential buyers that they care about delivering good customer service. That will come in handy if you ever need to contact them.

At Betta we value customer product reviews and appreciate how helpful they can be for other shoppers; customers are encouraged to review their purchases on our site. Learn more about how our product reviews work here.

Star Ratings

Star ratings are a standard feature on all appliances that should be checked prior to purchase. The cost of an appliance is one thing, but its running costs over its lifetime are very important considerations too.


For electrical appliances, the rating will be out of 6 stars, with the higher the star count, the more efficient a device is. For devices that are vastly more energy efficient than the rest, a 10 star ‘super efficiency’ rating system is applied, to help consumers discern between comparable machines.

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS), found on appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, rating is a little different. These items are only rated out of 6 stars, and they have blue labels instead of the iconic yellow ones. They’ll show average water consumption per wash, just below the star rating.

Armed with this info, you’re ready to make some savvy purchases!

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