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Spotlight on: The Beko Range

Spotlight on: The Beko Range

At Betta, we’re big fans of the Beko range of appliances.  Made for Aussie homes, they cover everything from the kitchen to the laundry. Across our stores, we sell a whole range of their products, including cooktops and ovens, fridges, air-conditioners and clothes dryers.

Beko have been around since the 1950s, but have only come to Australia in the last 9 years.  However, since launching, plenty of our customers have fallen in love with Beko too.  We think their appliances really speak for themselves, but since not everybody has a chance to go ‘hands-on’ with them, here’s a few things we love about the range:

Clever AC

Beko’s new line of air conditioners is among our favourites, because of features like turbo cooling, which means a room can be chilled to a frosty 18 degrees in about 30 minutes. We also love their dehumidifying function, which can ease the humidity in a room while still keeping it cool.

Easy cooking

Beko create kitchen appliances for novice cooks and savvy chefs alike. There’s a range of ovens built with InnovaChef technology, which cuts out a lot of the hard work for everything baked. Recipes can be uploaded to the built in LCD screen, and it will walk you step by step through the process! That smart tech also keeps the oven clean automatically, using high heat to turn stains to ash.

Versatile fridges

Beko have streamlined fridges, as well as some very clever, feature-laden fridges.  So whether or not you’re after the bells and whistles, they’ve got you covered. One of our favourite fridge features is the ‘active fresh blue’ light, which helps fruit and veg last longer.

Energy savers

Everything Beko build is made with energy efficiency in mind. In fact, Beko’s new range of clothes dryers are rated six stars for energy efficiency, the best a rating can get.  Who doesn’t love a shrinking power bill?


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