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The Electrolux ELM5000BK A Modo Mio and the Australian Coffee Fixation

The Electrolux ELM5000BK A Modo Mio and the Australian Coffee Fixation

Coffee is an interesting Australian obsession. It’s one of our many adopted cultures, imported from various locations around the world. Yet, it feels uniquely Australian – the way we gather around it and how we appreciate a quality coffee. It’s often called a café culture, but coffee culture seems more appropriate, because we love a good coffee wherever we can find it. In fact, any espresso loving Australian who has ever travelled to North America will know the horror of being served up percolated coffee, with nary a barista in sight!

We don’t just love our coffee in cafes either. Inside the home, it is ready available through different means, from instant coffee right up to espresso. For espresso lovers, a quality coffee machine is a kitchen essential. At the start of the New Year, among all of the New Year sales, deals on coffee machines abound. The Electrolux ELM5000BK Coffee Machine A Modo Mio Easy is an outstandingly simple machine for the home that yields an amazing coffee.

Electrolux ELM5000BK A Modo Mio

It’s a pod machine, which means no arduous grinding of whole beans, or packing of ground coffee – it’s as simple as choosing your favourite pod, inserting and pressing a button. We can almost guarantee that your barista will be seeing less of you!

Owing to its cost effective nature and ease of use, pod coffee is looked on as the next big thing in coffee, allowing premium coffee roasters to serve up consistent quality blends in homes with very little effort. The Electrolux Modo Mio is all about this, designed in conjunction with international coffee powerhouse Lavazza. To help you find your favourites, the machine includes a sampling of pods in the package, so you can look forward to more than a few coffee tastings to decide which blends to pursue.

Ready to get sampling? Check out the Modo Mio in our End of Year Sale!

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