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All the latest from ‘Be a Betta Cricketer’ – Tips & Tricks from the Brisbane Heat

All the latest from ‘Be a Betta Cricketer’ – Tips & Tricks from the Brisbane Heat

Cricket is in the heart of every Australian. You can hardly pass a park in summer without seeing a game in progress. Here at Betta, we’re all for showing pride in our bats – that’s why we’ve teamed up with the Brisbane Heat to create ‘Be a Betta Cricketer’.

Be a Betta Cricketer’ showcases top tips and tricks straight from the players themselves and is a great resource for young cricketers who want to learn from the best and improve their game.

So, what’s the latest on Be a Betta Cricketer?

Cricket Bat Advice

A bat to a cricketer is as vital as a hammer to a handyman. Without the right tool, it could jeopardise your entire work. Don’t know how heavy your bat should be, or stuck on the type of wood? We’ve got all that covered.

You can match your height or age for the recommended bat size, and also find tips on how to care for your bat.

Coach’s Corner

The Coach’s Corner is all about building skills for use in the field. Teaching videos from the Brisbane Heat team are sure to raise your game to a new level.

Be a Betta Batsman

When it comes to your turn to bat, how many shots can you perfectly execute? Everyone loves scoring runs, but it’s easier said than done. Improve your skills and even learn some new tricks from some of Australia’s best players.

Be a Betta Athlete

A strong core and physical stamina is often overlooked when it comes to playing cricket, but it’s what separates the great players from the good players. Ex captain of Australia, Allan Border shares his tips on how you can mentally and physically prepare for upcoming cricket matches.

Be a Betta Bowler

Ever wondered how cricketers could bowl and knock down the wicket at the speed of light? More often than not, the speed and line of your bowl is vital in determining how you can use it to your advantage. Once you master these skills, you’ll be hitting wickets like never before!

Be a Betta Fielder

With so many positions on the field, there will always be improvements that need to be made, including supporting your team and correct positioning. The Brisbane heat team members pin point their best tactics on how to become a better fielder.


Be A Betta Cricketer

Happy batting!