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The Right Home Entertainment Set-Up for a Grand Final

The Right Home Entertainment Set-Up for a Grand Final

The first weekend in October will undoubtedly be the biggest of 2015 for Aussie footy fans. Two grand finals, back to back. 160 minutes of AFL and NRL over two days, plus pre-shows and presentations. That’s a lot of TV time for one weekend!

But, before that we’ve got a four weeks of finals to go through – so what better time to make sure your home entertainment set up is up to scratch?

Picture-Perfect Plays

We talk a lot on the blog about how far TVs have advanced in a short span of time, and how quickly prices for top tech have come down. Put together, that equals a much better viewing experience – bright colours and smoother picture on bigger TVs. Put simply, it’s enough to make you feel like you’re at the game.

Ultra HD TV

For the highest quality, check out the range of Ultra HD Tvs (also known as 4K). These have four times the definition of a standard HD TV! Look out for models that feature automatic upscaling too – this means even non-4K quality pictures are improved automatically to look a whole lot better than they would on a standard TV.

You might also consider adding a PVR (personal video recorder) to your setup, to let you pause, rewind and record live TV. It’s perfect for when you want an instant replay!

Get that Game Day Sound

Unless you’re a bit of an audio geek, you probably haven’t given too much thought to the sound quality of your TV. Most people get their TVs home and set up, and then are pretty satisfied with the sound they get.



But, the difference between TV speaker and a dedicated audio system is night and day. If you find the idea of setting up a whole home theatre system exhausting, consider adding a sound bar to your TV. Sound bars are long, thin speakers that sit in front of your TV, enhancing the stereo sound for a much richer viewing experience, for much less than a full surround system’s cost. Unlike multi-channel surround speakers, sound bars are pretty much plug and play, with very little installation time.

With all that sorted, you can look forward to watching the Grand Finals in style. Now all you need to do is grab some snacks.