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The Secrets of the Vidal Sassoon Curl Secret

The Secrets of the Vidal Sassoon Curl Secret

When it comes to styling at home, curls aren’t always the easiest look to achieve a salon-quality finish on. So we were pretty excited to try out the Curl Secret, a specialised curling tool from VS Sassoon. The tool promises “hair goes in, curl comes out – it’s that simple!” – and it really is.

It’s an automatic curler, so you feed a small section of your hair into the opening of the Curl Secret and it automatically draws your hair in. After 4 quick beeps, the hair is released, now curled! All you need to do is separate the next section to curl and repeat the process. Within a minute or two, you can be all curls and ready to go.

To get the most out of the Curl Secret, you’ll want to make sure your hair is clean, brushed and blow-dried. This will help you get the best curl possible, since your hair should be straight and flat to begin. When you separate hair out for curling, use around an inch-wide section of hair per curl.

Of course, curls aren’t all the same. Depending on whether you like tighter or looser curls, you’ll definitely want to take some time to experiment with the different settings on the tool to find your favourite look.

Once you’re done curling, shake the hair through with your fingers to separate the new curls and finish with salon-quality hairspray to make sure your new do stays put, and to add volume too!

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