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Tips on Baking Betta

Tips on Baking Betta

Summer is almost here, and that means plenty of BBQs. If you want to bring a dish and impress your friends, you need to get baking – nothing wows a crowd like a well-made cake. For those who find it all a little daunting, we’ve got some great, simple baking tips here to get you started.

Everything begins with the recipe, so you need to make sure you’re working with a great one.  Read through the steps first to check that it won’t leave you guessing at any point once you get started. After making a recipe once, you’ll know what works and can make some changes next time.

All ingredients, including eggs and dairy, should be at room temperature for baking, so measure out what you’ll need an hour in advance and let them sit on the kitchen bench. Just be sure not to forget about them! The oven should also be preheated to make sure your batter cooks consistently.

Depending on the level of baking you do, you’ll need to choose the right mixer. Hand mixers are great in a pinch (and for whipping fresh cream!), but they take a lot of effort if you’re baking something with a lot of mixing. A benchtop mixer offers heavy-duty mixing, but is larger and heavier. However, as an all-in-one unit, they’ll take care of all your baking needs and are a great kitchen investment.

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