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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Him

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Him

In an effort to make the silly season a little less hectic, we’ve put together a few handy Christmas buying guides. In this blog, we take a look at some of the highlights of our ‘For him’ guide, showcasing some great presents for the different men in your life, chosen based on their passions.

For a Coffee Lover

Buying a gift for a guy who needs his caffeine fix like clockwork? We’ve got you covered.

Capsule Coffee Machine

Nespresso units make the morning coffee a whole lot easier, which is why they’ve gathered a huge fan base across the world. With a wide range of coffee blend pods, the coffee-lover in your life can find his favourite, and enjoy it daily. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

For a Toy Fan

For the man who likes toys and gadgets, there’s a handful of great ideas in our guide. These are the kind of gifts he’ll unwrap and then spend the rest of Christmas day fiddling with!


Here’s a toy to keep him occupied all through the summer. This quadcopter is easy to pilot and a whole lot of fun to whiz around the backyard, park or beach!


For the summer days when it’s just a little too hot to be outside, he can curl up with a movie, a game or an e-book on the Samsung Galaxy tablet, which has 16GB of space for all the favourites. Plus, the SD card means the storage can be expanded, with room for plenty of movies!

For the Audiophile

Music, movies, whatever – sound is a big deal, and the audiophile gent in your life will love some of these gifts.

Sound Bar

If he loves his movies and TV, a sound bar is a great way to achieve bigger sound and create a more immersive experience. This set-up from LG includes the sound bar speaker, and a subwoofer.

Mini HiFi

For crystal-clear music, check out this Mini HiFi system from Panasonic. He’ll love the powerful bass, and the ability to connect via Bluetooth makes playing his favourites a lot easier. Best pair with a gift card for his favourite music streaming service.