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Upgrading Your TV with LG

Upgrading Your TV with LG

Between the World Cup, Wimbledon, and the State of Origin, there’s been a whole lot of incredible sport to catch over the past month.  All broadcast around the world in HD, anyone with a TV not quite up to scratch didn’t get the full experience. For anybody whose TV is a little worse for wear, it’s worth checking out the latest range of screens.

Once upon a time (well, only a few years ago, really), upgrading the TV was quite a large investment for many families, with the tech price tags running into several thousands. But, there’s some good news for buyers now: while some cutting edge models still sit at a high price, there are plenty of fully featured models that cost much less.

LG’s 55” Full HD LCD TV is one of those models. We love it because, in addition to its HD picture, it’s also a fully decked out Smart TV. We’ve written about how fantastic webOS (the software powering the TV) is, and it’s just as great in this TV. It’s as easy to access online content as it is to watch a DVD or record live TV.

The Magic Remote lowers the barriers of use too, so the whole family won’t need to pore over the user manual to learn how to switch between live TV and streaming YouTube; it’s all very simple. Speaking of simple, it’s the little things LG have taken care of here that make it such a breeze to use like  being able to watch TV while you browse what else is on.

For the full-on cinematic experience, the TV is also 3D enabled and comes with 4 pairs of glasses for watching 3D movies. That means no dropping extra dollars on accessories; it’s all included in the box.

Coming up in the next few months is a whole lot more great sport too. Super Rugby finals, the US Open and NRL and AFL Grand Finals are all upcoming – is your TV up to the job?

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