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Use of Appliances to Style Your Kitchen Space

Use of Appliances to Style Your Kitchen Space

What do you do if you desperately want to upgrade and style your kitchen but can’t invest in brand new white goods? You turn to smaller appliances to make your kitchen stylish again of course! We love sharing gorgeous examples of quick and easy kitchen makeovers on our Instagram page and we noticed that most people use smaller appliances to style their kitchen before they decide to buy that gorgeous new French door fridge. So, here are our favourite style ideas:


Most brands have entire lines of kitchen appliances on offer that look great together every season. They often come in trend colours or neutrals that go well with appliances you want to pop out more.

How about an elegant black toaster? This look goes really well with the ever modern marble style and makes for excellent contrast in a white kitchen. Check out this stylish matte black toaster by Sunbeam.Black-toaster

Kettles & Coffee Machines

Kettles have evolved from sitting on the stove to being completely cordless and smart, including a timer and options to boil the water to a certain temperature. Most kettles look a little boring though, which is why we’re very excited about the colourful new options.

Russell Hobbs has created a luminous purple kettle this year which would look amazing in a quirky kitchen environment.


If you rather not have a colourful kettle as centrepiece in your kitchen, how about an eye catching coffee machine? A modern coffee machine can quickly become the focus point of your entire household, offering delicious hot beverages at the touch of a button.

We love this machine by Delonghi which makes every kitchen seem so much more sophisticated!


Kitchen Machines

A colourful kitchen machine such as a bench top mixer can make a big difference in a neutral kitchen. Especially if all your other appliances are either silver or white, a differently coloured mixer can be an eye popper. Just look at this gorgeous Breville Mixer that not only looks amazing but also helps you with all sorts of food preparations.