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Warm Up Faster This Winter With Our Energy-Saving Tips

Warm Up Faster This Winter With Our Energy-Saving Tips

The winter chill is at our doorsteps and that means cosy nights snuggled up beside the heater sipping hot chocolate. Unfortunately, it’s not until a few months later when spring has finally sprung that you’ll receive your energy bill and realise a good 30% of it is from heating your home all these long, cold winter nights.

The good news is that heating doesn’t have to be expensive. With a column heater like the Dimplex Eco Column Heater, you could be heating up your bedroom on average 8 times faster than the oil column heaters of bygone days. Not only is the Dimplex Eco heater oil-free and energy efficient, it’s lightweight and has a sleek, black finish makes it easy on the eyes as well as the wallet.

So, the first step in warming up this winter is making the Dimplex Eco Column Heater the newest addition to your home. Next, follow some of these hot tips about heating and you’ll be an expert in down-sizing your energy needs in no time:

  • If you haven’t already, install some insulation in your home. Up to 35% of heat loss from the home can be a result of lack of proper insulation in your ceiling.
  • Don’t forget to shut all your windows and doors and to pull the curtains shut when you’ve got a heater on. This is especially true at night when a window can lose you as much as 10 times the amount of heat as a similar-sized area of wall. Some thick curtains wouldn’t go astray either!
  • If your home is particularly draughty, this could be increasing your energy bill by a whopping 25%! Draught-proof your home by weather-stripping all doors and windows and applying draught seals to them.
  • Switch from an electric hot water system to a solar, heat pump or gas system. A solar-powered heater can reduce your bill by as much as 70% while an electric heat pump uses 70% less electricity than a regular electric hot water system.
  • Layer up! Wearing more, warmer clothes or adding an extra blanket to your bed means you don’t need to have the heating on as high. Even a one- degree reduction in your home temperature setting can lead to a 10% decrease in your overall power consumption.

Hopefully our tips make this winter your cosiest one yet. If you have any tried and tested tips for warming up whilst keeping the energy bill down, we’d love for you to share them in the comments section below.

The Dimplex Heater Eco Column 2400 Watt is available from Betta Home Living online or in-store. Click here to find your local store and to enquire about product availability.

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