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Warming Up & Cooling Down

Warming Up & Cooling Down

Installing an air conditioner isn’t just about making sure you’re covered for the hot summer months. Australia may be the sunburnt country, but we still get chilly in winter. To combat this, we’ve got the skinny on controlling the climate in the home with a reverse cycle unit. This makes for a warm or cool home, without an outrageous power bill rolling in at the end of the season!

Choose Reverse-Cycle

Choosing a reverse cycle air-conditioner over a cooling-only model is a great investment for the home year round. As we come into winter, it’ll heat the home thoroughly and come summer, it seamlessly transitions into a cooling unit. With one unit for both winter and summer, it reduces household reliance on items like portable heaters and fans.

It is important, however, to choose an air-conditioner with the right energy features, since running them can be a major contributor to the power bill. Fujitsu’s KM series of reverse cycle units are a great example of these features. Sensor control means the air-conditioner can detect movement in a room, and automatically adjust to energy saving if there’s nobody around.

The Km series also addresses little things that can go a long way to cooling or heating a home, like improving air circulation by matching air direction to the operation mode. Most new units, like these from Fujitsu adhere to new energy standards as well, and can participate in power-saving initiatives that certain power suppliers run.

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