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Washing Dishes the Efficient and Elegant Way

Washing Dishes the Efficient and Elegant Way

For an appliance that you use at least once a day – such as a dishwasher – flexibility, efficiency and reliability are crucial. That it looks elegant is a bonus.

The Emilia Freestanding Dishwasher, $398, is a sophisticated dishwasher manufactured in Modena, Italy, but without the hefty price tag that you’ve come to expect from Italian-made appliances. In terms of reliability, the Emilia dishwasher is fitted with an Aquastop valve on the inlet so that if the hose splits the water flow stops immediately. For flexibility, its plate racks can be folded down to fit larger dishes or glasses. Finally, for efficiency, this dishwasher has a 4-star water rating (it uses only 12L of water when run on normal mode). And it’s all a nice and simple one-touch operation! The real cherry on top is the stainless steel finish for that elegant touch. The beauty of a freestanding dishwasher is that it seamlessly blends in with your kitchen design and fits snugly under the counter-top or in a space of its own in your kitchen.

Here are some more handy hints on how to run your dishwasher as efficiently as possible:

  • Only run full loads – aim to leave turning on the dishwasher until as late as possible when everyone has done whatever they need to do in the kitchen.
  • Another benefit of leaving your dishwashing until late evening is that water and energy rates tend to be lower during off-peak hours.
  • Try not to rinse dishes in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher; just scrape off any residue straight into the bin. Most models these days do a good enough job of cleaning dishes that you shouldn’t need to rinse them yourself beforehand (or after!)
  • Keep it simple and don’t overload the dishwasher otherwise you’ll find yourself having to run it again to get all the gritty bits the wash couldn’t get to the first time round.
  • While your dishwasher most likely has a few heat settings, it’s a good idea to run it on a lower temperature as this’ll save energy but won’t compromise on cleanliness.
  • Get some fresh air! Opt for air drying your dishes after they’ve been cleaned rather than using your dishwasher’s automatic air-dry feature.

Purchase an Emilia Freestanding Dishwasher from one of our stores or online between Friday 14th – Sunday 30th June and you’ll save $101!

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