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webOS Smart Tvs

webOS Smart Tvs

At Betta, it’s no secret that we love our Smart TVs! After a few years on the market, they’re getting even better, and LG are leading the charge with their new webOS-powered units. When they were unveiled earlier this year, tech fans were incredibly excited over the new TVs and all their possibilities. Now, they’ve arrived in-store!

What is webOS?

Every device you use has an operating system. This refers to the base software that runs everything like the apps on your phone or the programs on your computer. WebOS is the operating system by LG, engineered to give the best Smart TV experience possible .


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What’s so good about it?

It’s fair to say that many Smart TVs come with a significant learning curve. More technology has meant more features, but the great many people who find themselves confused while operating their TVs are proof that simplicity is not a standard feature.

This is different with webOS TVs, which have had their interface reimagined into a splashy, colourful and above all, simple design. It’s easy to access all the inputs on your TV, like the Blu-Ray player or broadcast TV, as well as switching between apps like ABC iView, Skype or YouTube.

After the initial set up (which is made easy with a tutorial – something most other TVs lack) accessing all the entertainment options is a breeze. This is due in part to the LG Magic Remote, which is a simple, pared back TV remote with few buttons and motion control to select everything.


Of course, it’s still a TV and webOS is just one piece of the puzzle! The webOS series of TVs are Full (or Ultra) HD LED LCD units, capable of displaying incredible picture in both 2D and 3D. Other features include TV recording to USB and Smartphone/Tablet control.

To see the power of webOS in action, stop by your local Betta store!

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