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Westinghouse: Made for Modern Families

Westinghouse: Made for Modern Families

Often it’s the simplest things in life that bring the most happiness: sharing a packet of Tim Tams with your best friend, kicking a football around the park with your mates, or those wonderfully messy and precious drawings your kids bring home from school.

Westinghouse understands how much modern families cherish these moments, and make sure their appliances do too. “Made for sticky fingers”, Westinghouse fridges feature easy-clean fingerprint resistant stainless steel doors so tiny hands can run over them all they want – a damp cloth is all you’ll need to remove marks from the fridge and freezer. Not only that, these innovative stainless steel doors are also magnetic so you can showcase your little da Vinci’s precious doodling.

The range of useful fridge features created by Westinghouse goes even further with over 20 different shelving and door bin positions, a range of specialised compartments, and electronic controls. We take a look at some of the brand’s hallmark features and models below…

How many times have you opened the fridge first thing in the morning only to find puddles of milk inside after some careless midnight carton-chugging? Westinghouse will have you shouting “Hallelujah!” with its special Spillsafe™ glass shelves which isolate leaks and prevent up to 1 litre of spills from dripping down to the shelves underneath. Playing host or hostess with the most/mostest? Use the drinks chill alarm to remind you when the drinks you’ve put in the freezer need to be removed! Or, what about when the kids forget to close the freezer drawer after sneakily pulling out the ice cream? That won’ be a problem any longer with Westinghouse’s clever self-close freezer drawers. Most of Westinghouse’s fridges also come with humidity controlled crispers that keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer. Finally, jet off for a vacation without worrying about the fridge unnecessarily pushing up your energy bill – just switch on the holiday energy efficiency mode before you go.

If you’re looking for a fridge that offers maximum fresh food and freezer storage in one, go for a Side by Side – they’re designed to align with your kitchen bench so you can actually reach the food at the back of the fridge. For a stylish, wide fridge layout there’s the French Door option – wine racks, anyone? Is the fresh food compartment the one that you access the most? Then you’re best off with a Bottom Mount fridge which has easy glide crispers and freezer bins for effortless rummaging, while a Top Mount is perfect for a home where kitchen space is valuable. The quirkily named Pigeon Pairs are convenient for big families: separate, full-size fridge and freezer placed beside each other means large storage capacity for fresh groceries as well as frozen ones bought in bulk.

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