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What kind of air conditioner is best for you?

What kind of air conditioner is best for you?

There’s no real right or wrong time to add an air conditioner to the home. Depending on where you live around Australia, sweltering hot days have a tendency to pop up even out of the summer months, so it’s nice to be prepared. But buying one can be a little daunting – there are so many models and types, where to start? In this article, we break down the basic features of different types to help you decide what’s best for your home.

Split System

This is what comes to mind when most people think about air-con – this system is split into two units (indoor/outdoor) and is all the better for it. Like all units, they come in varying degrees of power, but split systems are usually the most feature-packed of air conditioners.  For the largest spaces, a split system is really the only option.


Tip: The outdoor units can make a bit of noise, so if it will be installed near a bedroom, look for an air conditioner with a low-noise setting.


Portable units are for the folks who want something more powerful than a fan to cool them down, but also don’t want to install a permanent fixture. So, they’re perfect for renters! Generally portable systems are on wheels too, so they can be moved about the house as needed.



Window/Wall Unit

Window and wall air conditioners are the cooling solution preferred by apartment dwellers. They need to be installed, but not with the same hassle of a split system. It’s just a matter of getting the unit to sit with the window sealed and presto! This also means the unit is quite simple to uninstall too, so it’s not another moving burden.


Tip: Don’t forget to regularly clean the filter on your unit. They fill up with dust and dirt quite easily and you definitely don’t want to be breathing that in!


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