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What You Need to Know About OLED TVs

When it comes to TVs, there are already so many acronyms to know (LED, LCD, HD, 4K, etc), but this is one you’ll want to know. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The key thing to understand is that OLED TVs are thin. Incredibly so – the thinnest that have been shown are less than a centimetre thick! That makes them super light and thin, while still retaining outstanding picture quality.

Getting Curvy

This great technology has enabled manufactured to experiment with new concepts, one of which includes curved screens. At first, it really does sound like a gimmick – who wants to watch a curved screen? Well, there’s a little more than meets the eye, and there are actually some great reasons to try one out.

Firstly, the curving is quite mild; we’re not talking about a full-on wrap-around screen in your living room! This slight curve can have a big impact on watching the TV, however. Flat TVs are best viewed from the centre, but curved TVs actually allow for a better viewing angle for people also sitting left and right.

Curved surfaces also reflect light differently to flat surfaces, so external light is not reflected back at the viewer. This aids in creating a fuller, richer picture on the screen.

Gamers who like to sit close, in spite of the threat of square eyes (or should that be curved eyes?) will absolutely love these TVs. The slight curve adds a whole new experience to video games – particularly those played from a first-person point of view.

One thing to keep in mind, only certain curved models can be wall mounted. So if that’s your current TV set up, you’ll want to check on this before making any purchase.

All the Trimmings

OLEDs are high-end TVs, but their prices have been steadily coming down recently. They’re not just thin either; OLED TVs come many varieties, some with 4K Ultra HD picture, 3D capability, and full smart functionality. So they’re more than just a sleek piece of tech; they’re home entertainment powerhouses!