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Xmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Xmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Santa may have all the answers on that list of his, but for everyone else, picking presents for kids can be a little tricky. You can choose according to their interests for a safe bet, or choose something you think will grab their attention and become a new favourite activity.

From young‘uns to teens, we’ve pulled out some of our favourite Betta Gift Ideas for Kids. Below are 5 ideas to get you thinking!

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 Kids

As far as tech goes, there’s nothing more popular than a tablet computer this Christmas. They’re a terrific gift for early learning, because they combine entertainment and education in colourful apps that build puzzle solving and creative skills. The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is a fully featured tablet, designed with a kid-friendly menu on the 7-inch touch screen.  It’s brightly coloured and can withstand the bumps and knocks of all the hands-on time with young children.


Shimmy Shake Milkshake Maker

Small kitchen appliances for kids have great novelty and make for some fun treats on Christmas day. This milkshake maker is a favourite because it’s safe and simple enough for all ages to use, and because frosty shakes never go out of style.


Fujifilm 74066 Digital Camera (Purple)

Most teens have a phone that contains a camera, but the quality of the pictures it can take is most likely not as good as a proper digital camera. At 16 megapixels, the Fujifilm takes beautiful photos, as well as HD video recording. For instant snaps on Christmas morning, consider charging up the camera’s battery before wrapping the gift up.


iTunes Gift Card

For the fussy teen, a gift card is a sure-fire winner, and an iTunes gift card is one of the most versatile. It’s anything they want it to be – music, movies, TV shows, apps and games. The gift card’s appeal is universal, but it’s especially useful for under 18s, since they won’t need a credit card to make their purchase.


Sharp GX-M10H Portable System

A musically-inclined child will be delighted to pull a portable speaker system out from under the tree. This Sharp system is fully featured, functioning as an iPhone/iPod docking station, an FM radio and CD player. The speakers are powerful enough to be used with guitar, which can be run through the system.  In short, it’s everything a kid would be looking for in a speaker.


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