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Xmas Gift Ideas for Kids Part 2

Xmas Gift Ideas for Kids Part 2

For anyone still scratching their head at what to leave under the tree for the younger members of the family, we’ve cooked up a batch of gift ideas sure to surprise and delight the little ones (and one not-so-little ones this Christmas). The first five have been explored here. In this blog, we run through the remaining four ideas – two ways to enjoy music and two toys to get the kids outside. It’s all to help parents pip Santa at the post this Christmas!

Philips DJ Style Headphones

If you’ve got an aspiring DJ in the family, they’ll definitely need a great set of headphones. Being DJ-styled, the earshells are larger than regular headphones, as well as being soft and comfy. They’ll love the powerful sound and bass, and everyone around them will love the sound isolation – meaning the music stays in the headphones (and not in the whole room).


Teac Micro HiFi System

For anyone worried about long-term damage of loud music on young ears, a HiFi system doesn’t have the same risks as headphones or earphones. That’s why it makes such a great gift – but you don’t need to tell them that! This Teac system is compact and can handle both external devices through the auxiliary input and CDs (in case they decide to raid your collection). It’s also small enough to be wall-mounted or tucked away, if their room is short on space.


Remote Control Electric Buggy

The humble remote controlled car is still kicking in an age of hyper-real video game graphics and popular racing simulators. They’ll love whizzing this around the house or driveway – plus, it’s great to share between siblings.  It packs a punch too; the buggy’s speed can go as high as 40km/h! Power-wise, the car includes a rechargeable battery and the remote runs on 6 AA batteries. Pick some up while you’re buying the buggy and wrap them up together to make sure there’s no dash to the service station on the day!


Remote Control Helicopter

Still on the remote controlled bandwagon, this helicopter makes a great companion toy. This one is easy to pick up and play with. It certainly can’t go as fast as the buggy, but it can fly, which is a whole other ball game. It’s lightweight and has a built in gyroscope, allowing for better flying stability and, hopefully, fewer trips onto the roof/into the tree to retrieve it after the pilot(s) get a little overzealous.


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